Form, function, simplicity.

I believe size, shape and proportion all matter. Everyday objects should be intuitive and easy to use. Details, workmanship and quality materials are essential. These well designed and well made objects can add beauty and pleasure to our lives.

I am a native San Franciscan and am passionate about anything handmade. Some of my favorite things include: biking around my home city and walking my corgi in Golden Gate Park.


"In addition to receiving endless compliments (almost daily) while wearing my backpack, I also love the structure/size of it! The heavy duty felt and leather are tough enough to present no problem for the constant clay dust that inhabits my studio...Know that your creation is being well loved and used everyday with gratitude." -Ariel, Portland, OR

"I bought one of your bags maybe 10 months or so ago. I get at least one complement a day, people stop me on the street and ask about the bag. Thanks, it's great and I love it."

"It's gorgeous!!! Can't wait to wear it. It feels like a jewelry. Like I need a special occasion!"

"I love my new bag which I have been wearing every day since Christmas! In short, I’m lucky to be the beneficiary of all of your talents."